Bon-Accord Consultancy Services is a technology consultancy based in the UK.

Established in 2007, we have been building sound relationships with our clients based on our integrity and independence while always striving for a mutual “Bon Accord“.

We promote robust information and cyber security practices along with open source and cloud-native software solutions so that clients can leverage the latest and most innovative technology. Using immutable applications, elastic infrastructure and continuous delivery with an Agile and secure DevOps culture we help businesses realise genuine commercial value from their cloud investment and their in-house technology teams.

Our Services

Cloud Strategy

We help your executives define and develop their cloud adoption and execution strategy to align with business imperatives while de-risking the entire evaluation and transformation process.

Cloud Platforms

We help clients rapidly select the right platforms and tools for their business from a bewildering landscape of solutions, helping accelerate their vision from plan to prototype to production.

Cloud Security

By building in best-in-class information and cyber security solutions, we embed security discipline into everyday practice. We also conduct cyber evaluation and due diligence for your supply chain.


We enable clients to implement foundational core infrastructure to build out their public, private or hybrid cloud aspirations with infrastructure that they can control and trust.


We ensure you develop an automation-first mindset across all aspects of your software development lifecycle, infrastructure management and cloud governance processes.


We help you perform a seamless migration to the cloud and ensure effective transformation of your company’s most valuable assets: people and data.

Managed Service

We offer managed service contracts to build, migrate and operate your cloud platform while also helping you grow your in-house talent and capabilities.

Data & A.I.

Data strategy, governance and analytics are essential for maximising a company’s assets. We help you become a data-driven business at your core while leveraging, at scale, A.I. and machine learning.

Sustainable I.T.

We help you achieve your sustainability goals by helping you reduce waste, minimise costs and lower energy consumption.

Our Partners

Our Approach

Right First Time

With our expertise in solving problems for some of the world’s largest global enterprises to some of the most niche startups, we ask the right questions before starting work to ensure things are done right first time. Technology evolves and tools change while Agile approaches lets you start small and build incrementally – but complexity also evolves rapidly so we ensure solutions are scalable, modular and manageable from the outset.

DevOps Culture

We are passionate about our DevOps culture. At its core, it means continuous improvement through continuous review reflection. Aligning Development and Operations means bringing them together and creating multi-disciplinary teams that feel a true sense of ownership for their product from beginning to end. DevOps practices not only yield great results but also make work a pleasurable and satisfying place to be.

Collaboration & Vision

In our partnerships with our clients, we always strive for a mutual Bon Accord. That ‘good agreement’ drives us to work closely and collaboratively with our clients at all times. Using Agile practices, we are continually demonstrating progress and new functionality at the end of every Sprint and Program Increment.

Most importantly, we are continually sharing and reiterating the project vision shared between our clients and ourselves. The end goal can often get lost in the detail so we ensure the client sees all developments in context and understands our thought and development process. This way, both parties remain aligned and retain a clear vision.

Full Lifecycle

We take a full lifecycle view from the outset of any project and help you manage Day 0, Day 1 & Day 2 requirements. This means we build in scalability and longevity to our solutions while ensuring that appropriate audit frameworks are in place before go-live to keep a system maintained, current and, above all, secure.


We retain solid expertise by using experienced consultants that have faced common and familiar challenges before. This way we attempt to avoid the pitfalls and endeavour to get things right from the initial stages.

Our Culture

Open Source Software

We prefer to use open source software where possible. It is low cost, transparent, secure and comes with a large community following for support and customisation.

Agile Development

We use Agile and Scaled Agile in our approach to software development, completing work in short, demonstrable sprints.


We believe strongly in the practices of combining Development, Operations and indeed Security into each and every team.

Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Click here to read our statement on our commitment to tackling modern slavery.

Public Sector

We work in both the public and private sectors and, as well as direct communication, we support a number of formal routes for public procurement.

Public Contracts Scotland

We are available as a Public Contracts Scotland supplier.

Digital Outcomes Framework Supplier

We are an approved supplier on the Digital Outcomes framework with Crown Commercial Services so can offer public sector buyers an approved route to procurement.

Cyber Essentials-Certified

Our entire organisation has been certified against the Cyber Essentials security framework.

Our certification can be viewed here.

Bloom Framework Supplier

We are a Bloom & NEPRO accredited supplier. This gives public sector buyers another OJEU-compliant route for purchasing our services.

Bloom Procurement Services have been the UK’s exclusive operator of the NEPRO framework. Bloom deliver the NEPRO³ solution on behalf of NEPO, the North East Procurement Organisation.

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